Ministry Resources

Outreach Immersion Initiative

The main ministry of About Face Church Outreach Consultants is the "Outreach Immersion Initiative." John and Christine move into your geographic context of ministry for a three to five month stay. They work within the church to develop a heart of outreach through preaching a sermon series, teaching the bible studies and Sunday school, leading outreach-themed devotions in committee meetings, and mentoring the existing or birthing a mission outreach team.

They also build relationships with social service agencies, community organizations, and institutions. John and Christine then help introduce the church outreach leadership to the community and discern possible ministry opportunities. Call now to begin conversation for them to come to your church!

Speaking, Training, Seminars

 John and Christine speak at events, revivals, retreats, etc. They can lead conferences, seminars and training events. Topics can be specifically developed for your needs. Give them a call to discuss the resource needs of your upcoming event.

Stake the Claim Prayer Walk Training

 John and Christine have developed a resource to train individuals in community prayer walks. Fasting and prayer are taught along with an experiential prayer walk through the community. The training is a three-hour seminar which culminates with an actual prayer walk at your location. It is a powerful event for local churches, charges, ministeriums, and districts. Call to learn more and schedule a Stake the Claim Prayer Walk Training. A resource kit is also available to order. Click HERE to enter our store to purchase your kit.

The Opiod Crisis and the Church's Response

How can your church respond to the opioid crisis? John leads a 90 minute discussion that uncovers the history and current trends of the opioid addiction epidemic. He then shares practical ways in which your church can respond. This seminar will inform, destigmatize, promote dialogue, and challenge the church to further outreach opportunity. Call to schedule this seminar at your church or group.

Evangelism in the 21st Century

John and Christine lead a weekend conference that looks at evangelism for the 21st century local church. It will help your church and leadership learn, discuss and begin planning for outreach evangelism that reaches our changing culture. While the conference is designed for a weekend, it can also be adapted for retreats, day-long, or even an evening. Call to discuss the possibilities for your church.

Vacation Bible School Follow Up Manual

 This manual, developed by John and Christine Zimmerman, is a 25-page reproducible guide that can aid the VBS planning process so that you do not miss one of the most natural and effective evangelistic events God could ever provide. It is designed to be added to the resource package of any VBS program.

     Vacation Bible School may be the number one outreach event of a local church. For most, no other event will bring more unchurched families than VBS. As we enter the planning season for VBS, so much resource and creative energy is invested into planning the onetime event that we risk neglecting the awesome potential for follow up that can nurture planted seeds into productive fruit. Click HERE to enter our store to order.