Online courses


Leading Public Prayer for Lay Leaders

 Taught by John Zimmerman. (An Advanced Lay Servant Ministry Course)

“I liked the class probably because I so badly needed it.  It was the first time I ever approached public prayer analytically.  The ideas learned were, to me, meaningful and practical." 

Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition

Taught by Christine Zimmerman.  (An Advanced Lay Servant Ministry Course) 

“I enjoyed this course because it was connectional, educational, and not overly exhaustive.  I learned a great deal about the content, the book worked well with the discussions and assignment work, and the instructor was involved and available.”

Afire With God: Becoming Spirited Stewards

Taught by John Zimmerman.  (An Advanced Lay Servant Ministry Course) 

 “This course provided inspiring, spirit-filled ideas to “fire up” disciples through all the ways of stewardship. It is not just finances that enhance & grow a church or bring people to Christ. It is living the example of Jesus & going where He leads us to show the love of God. John Zimmerman’s instruction was excellent.” 

Certification in Evangelism

Taught by John Zimmerman, et al.  (An Advanced Lay Servant Ministry Course) 

A four course certification program. An examination of the role of the specialist in Evangelism in equipping the congregation to tell the Christian story to those outside the church, to seek a response to the Christian message and to assimilate newcomers into the life and ministry of the church. Areas of concern will include communication theory and skills, outreach methods and approaches, and models for the assimilation of new members. 

Evangelism Leader's Training

Taught by John and Christine Zimmerman 

This training is for individuals who are interested in beginning (or renewing) and leading an evangelism team in their local church. They will participate in a two-week online classroom teaching experience on evangelism. The online class will culminate with a one-day onsite gathering in their church or district that will equip the evangelism servant with all the tools and practical resources to recruit, train, lead and facilitate an effective evangelism team in his/her local church. AFCOC will follow-up, as requested, with professional leadership coaching for the evangelism servant-leader. 

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